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Welcome to our brand new, EXCURSIONZ  Magazine, the definitive insider’s guide to ALL of Connecticut’s hidden treasures.
SEE, HEAR, TASTE, TRAVEL, SHOP and DISCOVER the best that Connecticut has to offer.  Born from these successfully interactive websites after years of research and professional contacts, we’ve got the inside scoop to help you make the MOST of living in OUR beautiful CT.

Sections for The Megasite Guide to Dining, CT Music Scene, CT Bikers Guide,, CT Home Owners Guide, A Separate Travel & Tourism section and more! Full Color, Full Gloss. Feature articles on Restaurants, Music Businesses, Motorcycle Businesses, CT Rides, Shopping, Home Interests, Travel & Tourism in every category, Fun Stuff and more!

First publication 15,000 approximately June 15, 2006. Magazines will be distributed in the CT Visitor's Bureaus, at select locations in about 50 Connecticut cities, select Theaters and Hotels as well as all advertisers' businesses.

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